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Financial Planning

According to the 2013 Household Financial Planning Survey conducted by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), only 32% of respondents indicated they have a financial plan in place. Nearly 42% taking the survey reported that they had less than one month saved for emergency expenses while as many as 28% indicated they had no savings at all.

Many individuals view the participation in their employer-sponsored retirement plan, ownership of a life insurance policy or the maintenance of modest savings account as all the necessary elements of a sound financial plan. The realities of severe market downturns, unintended expenses, or even catastrophic loss can quickly illustrate the shortcomings of this lack of forethought and proper planning.

Recognizing the realities of life and the financial hurdles that often present themselves, Hudson Valley Financial Services works directly with their clients to map out a plan that can effectively mediate the impact of life’s unexpected challenges. A financial plan is a defense against unforeseen circumstances, but it is also the means to elevate one’s financial status and achieve a higher income bracket. The right plan makes clear and well thought out financial goals attainable.
Financial Planning is also more than saving for retirement – it should include emergency savings, proper budgeting, investment choices, debt avoidance, and both short and long-term financial goals. A sound plan includes life insurance to protect loved ones and dependents, annuities and retirement vehicles, and even a plan to maintain long-term health care insurance.

And it’s also not just for wealthy individuals. Lower and middle-class income earners are just as likely, if not more so, to benefit from proper planning. Here at Hudson Valley Financial Services we consider financial planning to be one of our most valuable services. A comprehensive financial plan can elevate one’s financial status and provide stress relief along with comfort in the knowledge that you are well-prepared to weather most financial storms. A sound financial plan is a lifestyle change.

At Hudson Valley Financial Services, our advisors assess the needs of their clients and work directly with them to develop a goals-based financial plan that addresses their specific financial situation. Helping customers see the benefits of budgeting, setting financial goals, and making concrete progress towards those goals is both rewarding and enriching.

A personalized financial road-map can then help clients prepare for retirement, set aside money for college tuition, weather the financial markets and even achieve financial goals that previously seemed insurmountable or unattainable. Whatever an individual’s situation or station in life, Hudson Financial Services can help. Financial planning is a pathway to financial success and optimal outcomes for those willing to plan accordingly. Contact us today and start planning for your future.

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