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Failure to adequately provide for dependents and loved ones is an avoidable mistake. Insufficient coverage is the unintended consequence of passing before being able to set an adequate plan in place to provide for those you’ve left behind. The unfortunate burden on loved ones resulting from failure to plan for worst-case scenarios and discuss the unpleasant reality around the fragility of life is avoidable.

Caring and providing for loved ones can continue even after you’re gone. It does require some planning and forethought, and it does mean addressing the difficult subject of death from a realistic and planning perspective. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that loved ones will be taken care of is the reward for facing an unwelcome possibility. Hudson Valley Financial Services understands the realities of life and loss and we’re here to assist.

Hudson Valley Financial Services is committed to assessing our clients’ needs and determining the proper levels of life, health, long-term care and even disability coverage. We will sit down with you to take a comprehensive look at your current income, savings, asset levels, and existing coverage to best determine the coverage necessary to fill in the gaps. Planning should involve identifying future expenses and events as well as how the loss of your income could impact your dependents and loved ones.

Identifying appropriate insurance needs and coverage levels is step one. Once needs are determined, Hudson Valley Financial Services is equipped and licensed to sell our customers a full suite of life, health, disability and even long-term care insurance products. Life coverage can provide for both you and your loved ones in the event of loss of life. Disability and long-term care insurance programs can insulate both you and your loved ones from the economic burden of loss of income and related health care costs.

The last thing you want is to put additional financial strain on your loved ones should you pass or become unable to work. The cash benefits of a life or a disability policy should cover the costs of a funeral, provide for loss of income, and cover future expenses such as college tuition or mortgage payoff. What’s more, life, health and disability benefits are free from federal income tax.

The emotional struggle of loss is unavoidable, but it doesn’t need to be compounded by financial burdens. Life insurance provides financially for the people for whom you love and care. So partner with Hudson Valley Financial Services and let us help you prepare a contingency plan for whatever challenges the future may hold for you and your family. Have comfort in the knowledge that your loved ones will be taken care of and feel secure in the realization that you have the financial security of life and health coverage. Gain a peace of mind that will allow you to focus on what matters: enjoying life.

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