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Retirement Planning

In a perfect world, everyone has been contributing to an individual IRA account for years. They have been participating in their company-sponsored retirement plans, and they have already accumulated the retirement assets needed to fund a comfortable retirement living. In the real world, however, many individuals either wait until much later in life to start saving for retirement or they deplete their retirement assets in order to meet unexpected financial needs. Hudson Valley Financial Services is prepared to address any of these retirement scenarios and help you develop a tailored solution to retirement planning.

Albert Einstein referred to compound interest as “the eighth wonder of the world.” Nowhere is compound interest more impactful than in retirement planning. Saving for retirement affords those who start early with the opportunity to benefit the most from compound interest, a strong retirement plan and long-term market gains. Unfortunately, too many individuals leave money on the proverbial table by not planning adequately for their retirement years or feeling they’ve started planning too late in their career. It’s never too late to start or reassess your retirement goals.

The challenge of balancing current lifestyle with the desired retirement lifestyle is a difficult one. Focusing on the short-term can leave individuals woefully unprepared for their retirement while, at the opposite end of the spectrum, worrying too much about retirement income can result in unnecessary present-day sacrifices. Striking the right balance between these two polar approaches can be daunting. Hudson Valley Financial Services can help.
Hudson Valley Financial Services understands all of the necessary components of any successful retirement plan. We take pride in our ability to steer clients through the myriad of retirement vehicles from 401k’s to deferred compensation plans to individual retirement accounts. Working backwards from a retirement goal helps determine the path for investing and asset allocation. Our advisors also recognize the need to revisit retirement plans as the Stock Market rises and falls, incomes and expenses fluctuate, or changes in lifestyle occur. Hudson Valley Financial views retirement planning with its customers as a long-term relationship.

According to a recent report shared by the National Institute on Retirement Security, a full 86 percent of Americans feel there is a nationwide retirement crisis at hand. The study also indicated that 75 percent of respondents had doubts about their ability to sufficiently fund their retirement savings accounts. Hudson Valley Financial Services wants you to be in the minority in terms of feeling safe a secure with your retirement plan. Our service is comprehensive in scope and focused on the individual needs of our clients.

Whether you are rolling over assets from a qualified plan, opening an IRA account or evaluating participation in your company-sponsored retirement plan, Hudson Valley Financial Services is committed tailoring a retirement plan specific to your needs. Contact us today and let us make you comfortable with your retirement needs and your future.

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