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Tax Preparation

At Hudson Valley Financial Services, we feel strongly that tax preparation begins long before you sit down to start preparing your tax filing. Preparation is just that – working proactively to assess an individual or business’ financial situation. We help clients to determine the tax implications of upcoming income and events, and then formulate a plan to minimize tax burdens and maximize deductions.

The tax code has become so complicated; it’s easy for individuals or small business owners to miss deductions or tax credits that could save them money. According to Tax Foundation, the 2014 tax code contains more than one million words and spans roughly 2600 pages. And each year there are dozens of amendments and changes that can have wide-ranging impact on filings and returns.

One of the biggest challenges in growing and preserving wealth lies in the ability to limit tax burdens, offset gains, and maximize deduction opportunities. This challenge becomes compounded by the fact that the tax code is in constant flux. The year 2013 alone saw a dramatic increase in income tax rates for higher earners as well as changes in both long and short-term capital gain taxation rates. Keeping apprised and abreast of these types of changes and the impact on both the long and short term financial assessment is our focus. Hudson Valley Financial Services is prepared to assist individuals and small businesses that have run afoul of some similar tax changes in the past. If you have incurred a heavy tax burden or debt, it might help to allow our advisors to reassess previous filings and identify opportunities to reduce that liability.

Whether you are filing a simplified individual return, a more complex return consisting of itemized deductions and multiple income streams, or you are filing on behalf of a business, Hudson Valley Financial Services is ready to assist. As referenced earlier, the tax preparation services offered by our advisors include more than just form preparation and review of tax returns. Our value-added proposition extends beyond preparation to include advanced planning, tax advice, retirement and compensation considerations, as well as analysis of any tax-related distributions or events. The ultimate goal is to plan accordingly and minimize our clients’ future tax burden while maximizing income benefits.

Let Hudson Valley Financial Services utilize our experience and up-to-date tax code knowledge to work for you. Contact us now and ensure you are receiving the largest possible return or tax credit for your current filing, while simultaneously looking ahead to determine the best approach towards limiting any tax liability in the future. We are always seeking to develop long-term relationships with our clients and business partners, and this approach will be evident in our service. At Hudson Valley Financial Services, our strategic financial advice, retirement planning, estate planning and insurance planning services inform and complement our tax preparation services. We regularly meet with all of our clients to assess their financial situation as it relates to taxes.

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